21 Bodybuilding Pre-Contest Diet Tips

Dieting for a contest can be difficult and hard to stay disciplined when it comes to eating enough food.  Here are some tips that can make life bearable and food more edible when getting ready for your next show.

1.  Cook your protein in bulk and store away for later.

2. Get some Benishoga.  This is the red ginger you see at Yoshinoya.  Add this on top of your protein, potatoes, or rice to give it a much needed kick.

3. Toasted Ezekiel bread with a dash of cinnamon and Can’t Believe It’s Not butter spray is a tasty and quick snack.

4. Use last night’s chicken in your Ezekial bread sandwich, instead of processed sandwich meat.

5.  Cravings for dairy or soy or sweets can be prevented by staying fed and supplementing with different multivitamins and nutrients our bodies need.

6. Instead of avocados, you can get your omegas from fresh baked salmon sprayed with a little Can’t Believe It’s Not butter spray.

7. I like to add a dash of Dijon mustard or green Tabasco sauce to my food.

8. Red leaf lettuce and white wine vinegar is a simple salad that can give your teeth a relief from grinding down all the protein.

9. If you need a quick meal you can go to a teriyaki chicken place and ask for your chicken with no sauce and no skin.  Yoshinoya or any kind of grilled chicken place would work.

10.  Get a George Foreman grill.  This makes cooking a lot easier – set it and forget it.

11. Substitute sugar with Stevia or Splenda in your coffee with non-dairy creamer. Or take it black.  Add cinnamon for flavor.

12. Karbolyn is a quick way to get carbs in when you’re running low on energy.  It also tastes great and will kill your sweet tooth.

13. Carry a pack of sugar free gum, Tic Tacs or other sugar free candy of choice to carry you through to the next meal.

14.  Get on a strong fat burner to get your diet over with.

13. Instead of ground meat, eat a lean piece of steak with red peppers, bell peppers, onions and Mrs. Dash for flavor to change up your routine of chicken.

16. Never skip breakfast.  Once you get hungry you’ll likely grab a quick fix that will throw you off your diet – ie. muffin, doughnut, croissant.

17. Instead of a sugar and fat filled smoothie or protein shake, brew a cup of black tea and add sweetener.  Water should be your main beverage.

18. Garlic powder, onion powder, Mrs. Dash, black pepper are all non-sodium based seasonings that makes egg whites, chicken or a baked potato a tasty meal.

19. Speaking of baked potatoes, add a serving of broccoli on top with butter spray for needed nutrients.

20. Carry a baggie of oatmeal with you.  You can get hot water and sweetener at most coffee shops.

21.  Diet Hansen’s soda is a treat to add a little flavor to your taste buds.

Follow these tips if you want to get shredded and still tolerate the diet.  If you need more information on dieting for a bodybuilding show you can buy my eBook Competitive Fitness Secrets here.