How can I make the best use of my time at the gym?


The best use of time at the gym is to first weight train to utilize your sugar levels.  The last thing you want to do is cardiovascular training first.  We tend to use glucose, which is the sugar in our blood, during the first hour or so of strenuous working out.


Usually after the first two hours we start to use fat for energy.  The difference between the two is this.  Sugar keeps us the most focus and provides us with the most strength and energy to train.  This is the reason why you want to dedicate the first hour to weight training and not cardiovascular work.


If you walk into the gym and do 30-60 minutes of cardio, you’ve already wasted your glucose for energy.  So by the time you start to weight train, you’re using fat to train, which puts diminishes our level of concentration.  In other words, we’re less focused, not to mention we lose a lot of our initial strength and muscle stamina.


So it is imperative to weight train before any cardiovascular training in order to effectively maximize your time and energy in the gym which translates into utilizing your sugar.  Another important reason to do cardio last is by the time we start to use fat for energy, that is also the time we start to burn body fat.  So cardio is the perfect type of training to do after a weight training session.


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