The Top 20 Questions I Get Asked as a Bodybuilder

Here are some questions that you may have wanted to ask somebody whose been training for years.  Usually experience is the best teacher but in case you don’t have any check these out.

1. How can I get a six pack without doing sit-ups?

When it comes to building abs it’s all about diet.  I never do sit ups and my waist has gotten as small as 27 inches and shredded.  Diet and cardio is the key to shredded abs.  Here’s my post on getting a toned body: How to Get to 8% Body Fat

2. Should I use a mass gainer or protein?

If you’re trying to put on size – meaning bulking up use a mass gainer.  If you’re trying to gain lean muscle, it’s better to go with a whey protein.

3. My arms get smaller when I lose weight.  How do I stop this?

Naturally your arms will decrease in size when you lose weight.  So the key is to try to build as much lean muscle as possible.  Train your arms heavy while you’re dieting and keep the protein high.  That should preserve as much muscle as possible.

4. Can I build size doing calisthenics?

You’ll be able to build some size but weight training will build the most muscle mass.

5. Can deadlifting improve my physique?

You don’t need to deadlift at all to build a good physique.

6. How do I get big arms?

If you want big arms you have to stay consistent, train properly and lift heavy.  Keep in mind it takes years to build nice size arms.  Here’s my tutorial for building big arms: How to Build Big Arms.

7. What’s better: lifting heavy or light weight?

Both are needed.  Lift heavy to increase the size.  Lighter weight with higher reps shape the muscle.

8. Should I do cardio before weight training or after?

After.  You want to weight train first because that’s when you have the most strength and focus.  Leave cardio until after the weights because it requires less focus and strength.

9. Why am I not growing even though I can lift more?

Because it takes time to grow.  Strength comes first and then size.  So remember to eat protein in order to grow.  You need to make sure you’re training your whole body because if you’re proportionately growing it tends to make you look bigger on a whole.  Here’s my post on how to look bigger:  How to Make Muscles Look Bigger

10. How do I build muscle without getting bulky?

Eat lean protein, train with weights and be patient. Don’t eat fat.

11. What is the difference between using a barbell or a dumbbell for incline/decline/flat chest press?

Barbells are made for strength and size.  Dumbbells are made more for shaping the muscle.

12. How can I see my abs without flexing?

Diet harder and do more cardio so you can have a lower body fat percentage.

13. Can I run miles a day and still gain muscle?

Not much.  It’s not easy to gain muscle and run everyday.  You’re better off walking on a treadmill.  That’s why most bodybuilders don’t run marathons.

14. What’s the difference between steak and ground beef?

Ground beef tends to have a lot more fat that’s mixed all together with the beef.  Whereas lean steak you can cut off the fat and eat leaner pieces of meat.

15. How long will it take to get a muscular body?

Getting a muscular body can take years for some people.  It all depends on your athletic background and how consistent you are in all aspects of bodybuilding.

16. How much peanut butter should I be eating while trying to get a six pack?

You shouldn’t be eating peanut butter because of all the nuts and fat that is mixed in peanut butter.  Hence the word “butter”.  If you want to get lean you need to get rid of butter.

17. What do you use?

I use food and I’ve been weight training for years.  And when I want to try to get in shape – meaning lower body fat or enhance my physique for extra size I use products from Giant Killer Labs.

18. How much almond milk should I have while dieting?

It’s counter productive to use almond milk, rice milk or any other kind of milk when trying to get shredded.  Milk tends to put a nice smooth layer under your skin preventing your muscles from showing.

19. How long will it take to get big arms?

It take years to gain a lot of muscle on your arms.  You just have to remember to eat protein and train hard year after year and stay patient.

20.  I’ve been working out for a year and still haven’t gotten results.  Why not?

You may not be training correctly or eating correctly.