How to Get a Steroid Muscle Look Naturally Part 1


Hey this is Curtis and I’m here to talk a little bit about bodybuilding and how to gain some size.  There’s a lot of guys and gals who try to get muscular these days and especially when it comes to people competing there are a lot of questions about how can you get big, be natural versus the steroid use.  My experience from years of bodybuilding – it’s one of these things that takes a lot of time to do if you’re natural, but it pays off because as the years go on people tend to think you’re on drugs.

I’ve been accused many times over the years of being on drugs.  It’s not to say that if you’re on drugs that you don’t work just as hard, it’s just that if you gain the muscle over the years naturally it tends to stay with you and it’s a lot cheaper and you really don’t have to rely on doing any types of cycling as far as drugs are concerned.

So I’m just going to talk a little bit about how to achieve that so called “drug look” naturally or at least just with supplements that you can buy in the store that you can use like creatine and protein.  One of the things you want to remember is to build muscle – whether or not you’re on steroids or GH or whatever else you’re trying to use, you have to make sure that you’re training the body parts properly.  You want to let the body compensate and grow if you train the muscles to grow.

A lot of people I’ll see they want to get bigger muscles and it doesn’t mean they want to get like Mr. Olympia, it just means they want to get maybe men’s physique size – you still have to put some demand on the muscle.  And this doesn’t mean powerlifting.  Powerlifting is one thing but when it comes to shaping the muscle, powerlifting isn’t going to get you muscular, well developed, round muscle belly, symmetrical, proportionate type of shape.  You need to actually build the body – that’s what bodybuilding is.

So that means that you have to utilize heavy weights so that the muscle can compensate and grow, but at the same time you have to remember you’re more like a sculptor who is putting on muscle in the necessary areas and you have to keep it balanced.  So you have to build the legs, you have to build the chest, the shoulders, the arms, the back, the calves.  You have to build the whole body.   You have to focus on constructing the whole body.

So you have to keep it simple.  You lift with barbells – meaning the long, straight bar, for those of you who are new to it, to put on the size.  First comes the strength, next comes the size.  You use dumbbells and cables to shape the muscle.  And the most important part of it is feeding the muscle, so you have to eat the calories that you need.

That means you have to eat the protein, you have to eat some complex carbs – rice, potatoes, things like that.  And there’s a process – you have to put the calories in with the protein and train in order to fill the muscle bellies out.  And when it’s time to diet – to get that defined, separated, shredded hard look, then you just keep those proteins,  healthy foods and lower the carbs and the sugars in order to bring in the shape that you’ve gained to display it.

And as you continuously do this, when you’re younger – just say in you’re late teens 18 or 19 into your 20’s, it’s going to take time for you to get that maturity – that shape that you need.  You have to patient and diligent and you have to train and continuously chip away at that sculpture – your body, as you shape and build the muscle.  And each time usually that you diet down after your so-called bulking up it starts to change the muscle shape indefinitely because you bring that body fat down and you can see the muscle that you’ve put on.  You can get an idea of how your body looks after you’ve cut all the way down.

Then you can better gauge on what you need to work on more – traps, calves, maybe you need to develop lower lats which create a better v-taper.  Maybe you need to work on those arms a little more.  In essence, you basically can see your weaknesses a lot easier once you diet all the way down.  The misconception is that you can stay lean and build this type of physique.  Now the problem with that theory is that it’s going to be hard for the body to gain any muscle if the body fat is so low.

It’s always going to be on the verge of eating and cutting into lean muscle.  So it needs to sort of buffer – it needs a little body fat so that you can allow the muscles to grow.  If you’re lean all the time, it’s going to be harder for you to grow because of the chances that your body will use muscle for energy which will leave you in a catabolic state most of the time.

So you want to make sure that you make reservations on when you’re going to try put put on lean muscle.  And that means that you need a little body fat and you need more calories.  You’re not going to be able to stay lean all year around and grow.  Even if you are on drugs, that would be an impossibility.  I mean you could probably gain a little while on drugs, but you’d be able to do a lot more if you put a little bit of body fat on, save your joints by being able to train heavier, having a little more calories – a little more weight to push around more weight – meaning if you’re a little heavier than you’re going to be able to move more weight.

So the whole trick behind having this sort of steroid type of bodybuilding look is that you have to think strategically when it comes to gaining the size.  You have to go into construction mode – you have to put that extra calories into your everyday meal.  You have to train like a powerlifter so to say.  It doesn’t mean that you’re going to gain muscle off of powerlifter movements like a deadlift.  It means that you need to still train like you’re a bodybuilder that’s powerlifting.  Do heavy lifts as well as light lifts.

If you’re going to train the back, you should do back exercises. If you’re going to train the legs, you should do leg exercises.  If you’re going to train the arms, you should do arm exercises – shoulders and so on and so forth.  That’s the way that you gain that size and that muscle that you need.  You have to keep consistently hitting that every month throughout the year in order to slowly but surely put on muscle that you need.

And as the years go by you’ll start to notice that your shape changes, especially as you start to get up in age and start to change a lot more.  You start to have what’s called more muscle maturity – the density changes.  It starts to just look a lot more shapely as the years go on.  You can definitely tell someone whose been training 20 years versus someone whose been training 5 years.  A lot of people out there think that they can train for 5 years and look like someone whose been training for 20 years.

I’ve been training over 25 years so there’s definitely going to be a difference in the way that my body looked then versus how it looks now.  And the same thing goes for a lot of people.  So you’re going to have the same shape that you would, but if you keep doing it year after year, it’s going to get better and better and look different.  And after awhile you won’t even have to lift as heavy as you did back in you did back in your 20’s because you’ve already put on that lean muscle.  You’ve already shaped the muscle.

So you’re going to have a lot of that muscle.  So if you have more questions about training and diet, you can check the description box that is below and there’s a link to  That’s my blog.  There’s an ebook you can download and it’s good for people who may be new or people that have been competing that have a lot more questions.  It’s an outline or guide to assist you in referring back to when you’re in the middle of dieting or if you’re just starting to diet.  So there’s some personal experience in there that a lot of people find useful.  Until then – train hard, eat well.