Jason’s 6 week Journey Back to the Stage

Jason came to me at six weeks out from the NPC Gold Coast Classic wanting to step on stage after a 20 year hiatus.  So immediately we got to work and he provided his diet and workout plans he had set up prior to meeting me.  So this far he was doing good, but it was time to take it to the next level.  The plan was to get him lean and hard as possible while preserving as much muscle fullness and shape as we could.  The last show Jason competed was the Teenage category, which he stepped on stage at a little over 170 pounds.  Jason’s weight when he contacted me was about 208 pounds, so there was no way I wanted him to lose all the lean muscle he’d gained over the years.

In my mind, it was no reason why he couldn’t come in closer to 190 – if not over 190.  This would mean we would have to bring him down to the 180’s, get him as hard as we could, and then fill him back out and get back on stage at over 190 pounds.

The diet plan listed is what he was doing before he was working with me.  We had to increase his protein on a daily basis.  I recommended 450 grams of protein.  I also increased his carbs to 400 grams.  As you can see from Jason’s diet plan he had a higher fat intake and I wanted to change that to see how he responded to a higher intake of carbs instead.  Usually I like to find out how a person’s body responds to carbs and it was apparent after only a week, how sensitive Jason was to carbs.

npc gold coast classic

Since I only acted as a diet consultant for Jason, I had to take a look at his training regimen and make a couple of suggestions in order to maximize his results for the remaining month and a half of dieting.  One of the things I wanted to do was to make sure Jason continued to train with barbells and enough weight in order to keep muscle fullness.  This allows the muscle to stay nice and full while the body is shrinking because of a lack of calories.  On a weekly basis we would meet up in order to assess his current condition and advise any changes that were necessary.

Towards the end of the diet, which was about 2 weeks out, the diet had changed drastically.  Jason’s protein intake was fish only for protein and his carbs were as low as 30-60 grams a day while trying to maintain lower sodium intake.  Our main focus was to get him as lean as possible 2-3 days out from the show.  As we moved into the last week, weight training was modified to reduce risk of injury and concentrated more on high repetitions to squeeze the muscles.  This type of training helps to keep resistance on the muscle while allowing a faster pace of weight training.  The last thing you want to do is continue to train too heavy and strain or tear a muscle.

The Thursday before the show, we started to load with ground beef, some rice (50-100 grams that day) fish and broccoli.   Friday was the same again with the exception of fluid reduction by 7 pm that night.  Jason was able to gain an extra 4 pounds overnight while coming in at 191 pounds shredded placing a respectable 2nd and qualifying for the nationals.

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