My New Supplement Line – Giant Killer Labs & LINKED the BEST Testosterone Booster 2015

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One of the reasons why I started Giant Killer Labs was to put together an arsenal of supplements that are useful when training to get into shape and enhance performance while training in the gym.  I’ve been using supplemental products for over 17 years now and have tried almost every product in nutrition stores across Southern California.

There’s been a lot good products and a lot of not so good products.  I’ve used products to get in shape for bodybuilding shows as well as using them for off season and monthly maintenance.  So I have a lot of experience for what is beneficial and what is crap.

There are a lot of naysayers about supplements claiming they are nothing more than placebos and they don’t really do much to aid in your progress.  But after years of trying them for myself, I found this not to be true and have even been accused of using anabolic steroids when I’ve been on nothing more than creatine and protein.

Supplements can be utilized by everyday working people as well as individuals looking to get into extreme physical condition.  With the right guidance, information and products everyone can benefit when starting a workout and diet program.

I’ve been working developing some great products that are useful for when you’re trying to build lean muscle.  My first supplement that is coming out is called LINKED which is a test booster designed to aid in hard dry lean muscle gains when you’re either on a diet or need the extra kick in the off season and trying to gain strength.

Some of the other ideas I plan on bringing to the table are fat burners and a powerful nitric oxide.

So stayed tuned for LINKED the best testosterone booster coming March 2015.  It’s a great product for people that are serious and ready to embark on their journey to get lean, hard muscle gains.