MRM’s Norwegian Fish Oil Capsules Review

Here is an except from an interview I did with the founder of MRM supplements Mark Olson on their Norwegian fish oil.  He discusses how FreshOmega, Pure Norwegian Salmon Oil is processed with freshness in mind.

Mark Olson:  This is our fish oil, Fresh Omega.

Curtis Fisher:  Omega is always good.

Mark Olson:  Yes.  This is a huge stand out in the industry.  In 90% of fish oils that are sold, are these molecularly distilled fish oils.

Curtis Fisher:  Can you explain a little bit about that?

Mark Olson:  In the molecular distillation is really a oil remediation process.  It’s taking bad oil and making it good.  And the thing is a lot of the fish that is caught wild out in the ocean is a mixture of a lot of different species.

And they catch them all the way down south as far as South America and the oil is all processed in the US.  It is usually about a month old before it gets to the processing.  And you know what old fish is like.  So the problem is that your only other options is   – there’s a lot of farmed fish and so forth in the US which has a lot of negative because of the water sources and the environment that these fish live in.

Then there’s the wild Alaskan which that population has been decimated – the worst fishing in the last 17 years.  But what we’ve done – we went to Norway because there, in the 80’s, their fishing population was devastated, so their government stepped in and got very militant about they’re fishing industry.

And just keeping other people out who were virtually just raping the north Atlantic seas.  So they have been trying to re-stock their own needs and they have these aquacultures that they title Progressive Aquacultures.  And these are live nets inside these fjords so it’s moving water and it’s very controlled at the depth and the water movement and the number of fish per square meter in any of the pens.

And these fish are fed this feed stock that’s been certified GMO free and it’s very tightly controlled by the government.  This is a national resource for the Norwegian government.



Curtis Fisher:  A lot of issues right now with regular food is – you’ll see the cage free – it’s a big issue.

Mark Olson:  Yes, you want it as back to natural as possible.  So that’s what we’ve done but yet in a sustainable manner.  And what we’ve done is gotten exclusive with a Norwegian company that sells a lot of salmon fillets to North America and Whole Foods, Costco and so forth.

And so when these cut offs are taken, within 24 hours they are then processed and the oil is separated out in a very gentle way.  Matter of fact, we’re trying to get an extra virgin certification because the oil is treated in such a gentle way.

And so nothing’s been changed.  The oil’s been stripped down and concentrated into these 18, 12 other discussed ratios of fish oil because really that’s not what occurs in nature.  So in all of our data as scientists on looking at populations that have similar lifestyles and so forth, but ate fish.

Not taking molecularly distilled fish oil and which is another separate thing but was eating fish.  This is as close as you can get to eating fish – the benefits of eating fish, the oil right out of it.


Great info Mark.  I highly recommend any of the MRM supplements. MRM has high quality supplements and they are Non GMO Project verified.


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