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Build Big Biceps with 5 Easy Arms Exercise Combo

So here we have, we’re gonna be working on sort of a bicep combo where you can build, it’s an easy way to build big biceps. But you definitely have to put your work in.

We will start out here with barbell curls. And this is real good because it builds size.

First of all, it builds strength, then it builds size. You see I’m working with a 45-pound plate bar.

Just get a nice burn in there, sort of like with the triceps, we got the burn going. And this way the biceps can be ready, and most importantly the joints can be ready for that heavy load when you start packing in, and packing on those plates.

So as many reps as you wanna do, as many sets to warm ’em up. You can start stacking on the weight slowly. See I just use the free weight bench barbell.

And then I just go up slowly here,so we can warm ’em up and get a nice burn. You wanna make sure that you sorta keep your body to where you’re using your arms, and you see a little rocking back and forth here, but I’m taking very careful care to use the biceps and not use my back.

And you’ll see from this other angle right here that what I’ll do is I’ll push the hips back and I’ll bend the knees slightly.

And you see I use the little hashes. Right there I’m showing, and these little hashes are sort of a shoulder width, and it’s a heavier weight, and so this is where you have to take more care to make sure that you’re using the biceps and not the lower lumbar section of the back by keeping the hips back, the butt out, chest out.

And a little rocking there, the Arnold principal, the cheating principal, but it definitely builds muscle. This is something you can do without a spotter. And it builds muscle, it builds size.

And most importantly the strength you’ll build is what creates more size. The muscle compensates, then it has to grow. It’s not about trying to do that many repetitions.

It’s more about the weight load. And here we have the EZ curl bar, and we’re going on closer rep, and what this does is isolate the outer bicep heads so that you’re targeting those, whereas the straight bar was more of the bottom of the bicep and the inside. This is targeting the outside of the bicep.

So you have those two heads, the inner and the outer. And this is targeting those outsides. And on this set, I believe, I start focusing a little more on targeting with heavier weight.

I start focusing a little more on heavier weights so that I can really tax those outer heads of that bicep. And you just try to keep the arms in, but, again, you wanna make sure that you push the hips back out, the butt out, chest out kind of principle in order for you to keep your spine from being overloaded at the lumbar, the lower section.

I demonstrated here, showing you that I’m working the inner bicep now by spreading my arms, my hands wide, sort of like with the straight bar.

But there’s less pressure on the joints when you use the EZ curl bar. This is good for targeting the inner head. You can definitely feel it. It’s almost like you’re doing a concentrated-type curl with that contraction.

And you see you bring it all the way up there. And you’re definitely gonna feel that inner head working a lot more than when you put the arms closer.

Again, I’m demonstrating you’re working that inner head. And you can feel it.

So here we’re gonna continue on with the bicep workout here. And now we’re gonna use some dumbbells. Dumbbells are real good.

It’s a shaping exercise more than, most times it’s a high repetition. But I definitely demonstrate on using some extra weight, heavier weight.

But this is another arsenal, another weapon in your arsenal, for building those biceps. And gives you a little more freedom, less joint pressure, less joint demand, because you are free with the dumbbells to move around and not be as constricted as with a EZ curl bar or a barbell or any kind of barbell work.

And you’re able to squeeze and these are alternates. So you’re alternating each hand, you’re twisting.

You see I twist and I turn. So you’re getting a full contraction, going almost like you’re flexing, and you are able to really get a nice full range of motion.

I drop it all the way down. And see I sit at the edge of the bench, keep my legs together so as not to hit my legs as I’m coming up.

And again, you see a little bit of rocking, but it doesn’t mean, it’s all about focusing and feeling your muscle.

So you gotta feel that muscle, and you have to feel that muscle before anything. So if you’re not feeling that muscle then you need to lighten it up.

But I’ve been able to utilize these different movements and go heavier and still feel it.

Here we have the old school concentration curl. Pain concentration curl. And we’ll go straight down and go straight up to the chest. With these I’m a little taxed.

I’ve been running the whole time, hitting these biceps.

So just basically supersetting. So my biceps are already taxed, but you don’t have to do all these different exercises in the same night, the same day, but I’m demonstrating a multitude of them so that you can get a good idea on different types.

Now of course there’s more than what I’ll show here, but these are some real effective ones.

Now I’m gonna show you how you utilize the inner leg to rest the elbow as you’re doing these concentrated curls, which gives you a little more support and you’re able to increase the weight a little and really pull up and not have it hang right out in front of you.

Remember, also, I’ll demonstrate, too, after this set with this left arm, how you wanna keep that form going on your back. I’ll show you right now, after I finish this, to the side.

See how I dip down, right there, with the hips, the butt goes out, chest out, so that you’re not putting that pressure on that lower lumbar section and you’re working it.

Here we go straight over to the bicep preacher curl. One arm preacher curl dumbbell curls. This is real good to get a full range of motion, get a good squeeze.

You’ll see from this this different angle how I make sure that I drop that weight all the way down.

And this is straight on, so what that means is that I’ll put my arm flat on the bench. You’ll get to see it a little better as I switch arms, how it’s flat-on and I’m not at an angle, as where the next set you’ll see me putting it at an angle.

This is flat-on, so it’s more like you’re hitting the inner or bottom of that bicep, versus the outer bicep, and you’ll see in a second after this set how you can target the outer and change the position of the preacher curl where this is just straight-on, arm flat-on the preacher curl, and I’m just coming straight up at a straight-on preacher curl dumbbell curl, straight up to my shoulders.

Now you’ll see me come at an angle. This is what I was talking about, where I’m coming at an angle, utilizing the bench as a sort of a pad in order for me to squeeze in, and you tend to work a little more of the outside of the bicep by using this angle.

You’ll see a little better with this next set on the left arm here. See how it’s at an angle, and not straight-on? It’s still flat, but I’m coming at an angle now.

So I’m dropping it way down, still try and get that full range of motion. That same time, squeezing, and using that to get the outer head of the bicep.

All right everybody. So got a little cardio in after the workout.

So that was how to build some big biceps. Sort of a easy combo to build ’em, but not so easy. Nothing’s ever really easy if you’re trying to build some real size.

But it gets easier as you keep going. So don’t forget to subscribe.


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