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Big Arm Training Tutorial Part 2 – Good Foods for Bodybuilding

This is the second video in my 3 part tutorial series on building big arms.  In part 2 I talk about good foods for bodybuilding – food you’re going to need to build muscle size.  In case you missed the first video where I hammered it with skull crushers you can check it out here: Big Arm Training Part 1.

Part 2 of the series goes over eating to build muscle size, an essential part of growing big arms. In the video I cook a big meal to gain size. If you want to try to make the meal yourself, the ingredients are below as well the transcript that will give you directions on preparing it.

Chicken Pasta
1 pound of chicken breast 1/2 red onion, sliced and diced
16 oz box of pasta shells 1 tsp onion powder
1 loaf of French bread 1 tsp garlic powder
24 oz of spaghetti sauce 1/4 cup Ketchup
1 bunch of green onions, sliced  canola spray
1/4 cup white wine vinegar


Hi everyone this is Curtis with Diet What Nots.  This is the second part of my tutorial on how to gain size.  Now we’re going to be talking a little bit about eating to build muscle size.  We’re going to actually go over why it’s important to eat hearty when you’re trying to build size.

A lot of people think that just eating lean is the best way to try to gain size when on the contrary, especially if you’re an ectomorph naturally like I am, you need to make sure those calories are high.  You need to make sure you’re eating hearty foods to try to fuel the muscle and build the size that you need.

What we have here is chicken breast.  What I’m going to do is add some pasta shells.  I’ve got a little bread for this spaghetti, pasta shells, sauce mix.  We’re going to talk about that and I’m actually going to run through some things on how you cook it.  Some little tricks here and there.  Let’s get started.

Okay so we’re over here in the kitchen.  We’ve got a little over a pound of chicken breast and what I like to do is just get it going.  As you can see I use the canola spray instead of just having the grease.  I have all my non-sodium based seasoning.  You can use sodium, that;s not a big deal.

Usually what I like to do with my chicken breast is cook it whole and brown it just a little.  Then I can start to cut it in the pan.  If you have one of the non-stick pans with a bottom that comes off that might start to rip your pan up but if you have a metal or steel pan like what I have you can do that.  So that’s one of the benefits.

Once it starts to cook a little you can start to cut it in chunks so that it makes for a little easier cutting instead of cutting it before I stick it in the pan.  That’s usually what I like to do.  You can have more chicken than this – a couple pounds if you like if you want to have extra or you’re feeding your family.  Another thing we want to get started is our noodles.

So it’s a pretty easy cook.  What you want to make sure is that you keep stirring your chicken and keep spraying it but watch out because this stuff is flammable.  So I’ll usually spray it just to keep it a little moist.  I don’t season anything until it’s all the way done.  But in this case, I don’t season the meat whenever I’m making a pasta or a spaghetti type of meal.  I usually season the sauce.  And that’s what I’m going to do right now.  So we have the sauce going.  We have the noddles going.  We have the meat going.

I use a little white wine vinegar on the meat.  It’s good to add a little.  You can use it sporadically in between.  Turn the sauce down. You should keep an eye on your meat so that it doesn’t stick to the pan.  The chicken breast will start to burn.  You just have to sort of watch it.  And if you cook it like this – what I’m going to do with my chicken is, I end up cutting it down into small pieces like this so it will be more like little cuts of chicken breasts that I can add to the pasta and the sauce.

And then I also have some veggies.  I’m just going to use green onion and cilantro I like to use with all the rest of my seasonings.  I’m going to make sure the heat is down on the sauce.

And like I said, I cut it up in little chunks, that way when I throw it into the pasta you have a nice even amount of chicken in every serving.  Again I’ll add some of the white wine vinegar to keep it nice and moist.  And also a little canola spray.

So now I’m going to add some cilantro like I said, to my sauce right into the pan.  That way I don’t burn it down I like to keep it whole.  Not only do I have green onions but I have red onions as well.  So I just pack it and get it all in there.  And at this time is when I start adding all my sauces and you can kind of see.  Onion powder – I use non-sodium based seasonings but it’s okay if you want to use sodium based seasons.  I also add a little white wine vinegar to my sauce.  I’ll add a little ketchup to my sauce and sort of make my own mix.

This is another thing – my bread.

This meal is a good way to get protein in and those extra calories in.  And yes you have a little sauce but so what?  You need that.

So here we go folks.  We have pasta, the chicken breast, the sauce.  These are all the extra calories that you’ll need.  Eating hearty like this is the best way to put extra size on so you can, of course, gain that extra strength.  We have the bread here.  You can use  non-butter substitute like I do.  Or you can use real butter.

You don’t really want to worry to much about all the different types of healthy foods that are going to keep you growing lean when you’re trying to bulk up.  That’s why you call it bulking up.  Other than that, make sure you’re eating high protein and the heavy foods so that you can grow.  You’re eating often just like you would if you were dieting.  You want to keep that metabolism going, so you want to make sure that is part of your daily intake of calories as well. Keep the protein high.

Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel.  Stay tuned for the third part of the tutorial series on how to gain size.  This is Curtis with Diet What Nots.  Train hard, eat well – we’ll see you next time.

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