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How to Build Big Arms with Skullcrushers Exercise

This is the first video in my 3 part tutorial series on building big arms.  In part 1 I  show the best skull crushers triceps workout.  In case you want to skip ahead to the second video where  I talk about good foods for bodybuilding: Best Diet for Bulking.


So this is part 1 of my tutorial for putting size on arms.  As you can see I warm up by doing presses on the bench.  I’ll do push-ups, I’ll do sort of dips, like you see here on the bench – just to warm up the triceps and somewhat warm up the joints and shoulders.  And especially if you’re a little achy and cold – it’s a good idea.

Usually it takes me a little while for me to get warmed up.  It depends on you.  The more often that you do arms during the week, the less time you’ll probably have to dedicate to warming up the joints.  I make sure I try to get a little burn going before I start out doing skull crushers which you see here.

I always start off with this heavy weight.  This is probably the only exercise I start off with this heavier weight.  Usually it’s way lighter.  One technique that I try to use to save my elbows, is I’ll sort of what I called a motorcycle type of revving grip when I go down, I’ll curl my wrists over to keep the pressure off the joints.

Here is usually how I start to warm up my biceps with dumb bell curls.  I take really light weight to get the blood going and get a nice burn.

Back to skull crushers.  I’ll usually try to go up slowly in weight .  I add an extra 10 pounds.  This is good for the inner head of the tricep.  It builds a lot of size.  Barbell work tends to grow the arms the best.

After finishing the second set of skull crushers I go back to the dumb bell curls and move up a bit in weight.  So I’ll superset like this when time permits.  It’s effective, I feel, when you’re able to hit the arms together, especially on a heavier arm training day like what I’m doing here.

As the weight gets heavier I like to take a longer rest before I move onto the heavier bicep training.

And you always want to make sure you’re ready to go.  You want to put some time in between your next set with a heavy tricep exercise like this.  I like to spend about 2 minutes at least before I move onto the next set if it’s going to be this type of heavy weight.

These skull crushers are great for building strength and size.  I have a lot of clients that have problems with building size and if they’re able to do this type of training with the barbells, I definitely utilize them.

I move up again in weight in the bicep department.  You’re not going to really see strict, strict form when you’re going this heavy but it does stimulate the biceps.  Sort of a cheating principle – the Arnold cheating principle of building that extra size.  It’s a good way to train especially if you don’t workout with a partner and you train alone like I usually do.

I go for my last set here with the dumb bells for my biceps.  Again as you can see it’s mostly about getting it up.  Turning the hands in and out.  As I go up I try to bring the dumb bell as high as I can.

There you have it.  Big arms.  Big weight.  Don’t forget to catch part 2 of the tutorial – the eating segment.

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