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How to Increase Vascularity

I know a lot of guys wonder about the vascular look that bodybuilders have and would like to know how to achieve this look naturally.  When it comes to getting the veins popping in the arms, chest and so on, the first thing that comes to mind is lifting weights and squeezing the muscle in order to see your veins come up to the surface.  However, you may know some people who are naturally vascular and ask yourself how do they do that?

For some people, vascularity may come naturally while others have to work for it.  From my experience, I’ve never really had to work hard to get that look.  As a young person, I was always really lean as well as active.  So my veins show even when I wasn’t working out.  If it was a hot day, my veins would bulge as if I just got through hitting the weights.  And that was mainly because when the body fat is low and you have good circulation as well as lean muscle and you’re active – it’s easy to see your veins.

I know that genetics can play a part in how vascular you are – both of my parents also had vascularity and to this day still do.  So you ask how can I increase vascularity?  Well you must do what others do, which is diet and pump blood through your veins by working out in order to begin to see them pop out.  It can take some time though.  I’ve worked with people who have struggled with body fat and always wanted to have that vascular, shredded appearance – mainly the men.

Cardio won’t really give you that look simply because it tends to flatten out the muscle and prevents the veins from standing up.  Resistance training, especially with weights is the key.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of weight, you just have to make sure the muscle is pushed to its limit and engorges itself with blood – giving you that so called pump.

But even with doing this you may not see any veins if you have not dieted down enough.  The body fat has to be pretty low, which means that the muscle has to be close the skin’s surface.  The bigger your muscles are, the easier it is to see vascularity in that body part.  For instance, if you’ve got big guns – arms, not just fat, but muscle, you tend to have some vascularity year around, even when you’re not on a diet.  You can find out how to diet to lower body fat percentage here.

Matter of fact, eating sugar when you have that much muscle can sometimes produce more vascularity.  This is a trick that is used by a lot of bodybuilders in the last day or so prior to walking on stage to compete.  That’s an example that may not be relevant to many people in the regular world but just an example of how diet, muscularity and muscle size can play a part in how vascular you are.

So diet and weight training are key when trying to increase vascularity in your physique.  Cardio – I know I mentioned before flattens out the veins and the muscle, but those of you who are wondering if I suggest doing cardio to lower body fat – yes of course because diet and cardio is the main way to lower the body fat.  But vascularity is best achieved with resistance and/or weight training to increase muscle and blood circulation.

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