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What Makes a Great Personal Trainer

So you’re looking for a personal trainer and you’re wondering if that trainer at the gym is the right match for you.  You start your sessions and after about a week or two, you start to feel like you’re just being filed liked cattle with the rest of the herd.  Maybe you’re personal training isn’t really that personal and it’s more like a one fits all baseball hat.

The truth is after years of working out in gyms myself and helping fellow gym members, even before I started training clients, I would notice that not only the trainer’s clients looking to me for answers but the trainers themselves would look to me for answers.

This made me question whether or not the personal training programs in these big gyms were actually worth the money some people would have to spend in order to sweat and then after go grab a protein smoothie in the front.  What I soon found out is that many of these programs are not really designed to help anyone but the gym itself to make a profit and keep the clients coming back without any real progress or results.

When I started to personal train on my own, one of the things I noticed is that many of the trainers at these big gyms could only boast one thing and that was how many master training certificates they held.  I feel that this is one of the biggest problems with personal training in the corporate gym world.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all have to make money even as independent trainers, we have to make a living.  But one of my personal biggest selling points as a trainer is the results that I tend to get my clients.

What Makes a Great Personal Trainer

So if you’re in the market for a trainer first and foremost you need to really take a look at what your goal is and not at the establishment that you may be looking to buying a membership.  No matter how fancy the gym  or expensive the membership is all you may be getting is a high turnover rate of personal trainers with a bunch of certifications that don’t mean anything.

Instead find out what it is the trainer has accomplished with clients he or she has worked with and how that fits your goal.  This is the only way your money will be best spent.  If not you will find yourself along with many other mislead people, lost like sheep, being told that you must keep signing up for the same of what you’ve been getting week after week.  This includes overpriced packages for some trainer who claims to be a master and sometimes doesn’t even know how to get themselves in shape.

Another problem you’ll find is that after training so long with one trainer, the gym tends to force the trainer to raise the session amount ultimately forcing you to pay more or to switch to someone else who can accommodate your price range.  This is what these corporate gyms have done to make profit only for themselves and not in the interest of the trainer or for their client.

So if you are seeking personal trainers who are worth your time and money I would advise you to go to smaller training studios or search online to find the best fit for you and your goal.  Try and meet with the trainer and ask them pertinent questions that have to do with training, diet, nutrition, supplementation, their fitness experience, what they’ve done for other clients and other interests that you may have as far as physical fitness that they may be able to offer.

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